Internet and SMS Banking Implementation in BJB

Started in May of 2012, the Internet and SMS Banking began to be implemented in the BJB Bank. Once implementation is complete, then to introduce these products to employees at Bank BJB. To socialize in the internet and SMS banking in BJB Bank by bringing all employees to participate using this application, which is expected to provide positive feedback both to the Bank and to the VSI BJB (if there are any errors / bugs).

In October of 2012, VSI has also changed the old database platform to a new database platform system. This change has also undertaken to support the banking activities of BJB Bank for more leverage, with the internet and SMS banking application which has been implemented in the BJB Bank previous months.

For the features of internet and SMS banking as follows:

  • Account Information
    • check balance
    • mini statement
  • Transfer
    • transfer of funds
  • Purchase
    • telephone (Prepaid)
    • electricity (Prepaid)
  • Payment
    • education
    • electricity
    • water treatment
    • credit card
    • internet
    • telephone
    • cable TV
    • mobile phone

With the internet and SMS banking features, the BJB Bank have flexibility to expand the network and increase the ease on the customer to do banking transactions without having to bother to go to the destination. Quite simply via computer / PC, and mobile phones can access the features described above.

For more information about the product in question can be viewed in Internet Banking and SMS Banking